Dan Fitzgerald

Codename: Chief Heartbreaker


Dan is the co-founder of Heartbreak Hill Running Company as well as the founder and head coach of the Heartbreakers. A strong voice in the national running scene & a highly sought after marathon coach, Dan creates, leads, and oversees programming for more than a 15 charity teams for the Boston, Chicago, and NYC marathons. In total, he makes sure that more than 1500 runners cross the finish line each year. As the creator of all treadmill studio programming and running experiences under the Heartbreak umbrella, Dan scouts, trains, and develops current and future coaches and leaders. Dan is the first Nike+ Run Club global coach in Boston. For a window into his perspective on the sport, read his Heartbreaker team mission:

"Heartbreakers celebrate diversity of pace and person. We believe in the connective power of running to breakdown socioeconomic, ethnic, and religious barriers. We are beginners, Olympic trialists, international competitors, first time 5K runners, best-time everything runners. We are people who run, committed to getting better & committed to the success of each other."

As an athlete, Dan captained the Boston College Track and Field team, where he competed in the 800m. He ran his first Boston Marathon in a time of 2:46.