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Meet the Chief Heartbreaker, Dan Fitzgerald

Dan is co-founder of Heartbreak Hill Running Company, as well as the founder and coach of the Heartbreakers, a USATF certified running club. As the most sought after marathon coach in Boston, Dan creates, leads, and oversees programming for more than a dozen Boston Marathon charity teams, including Mass General Hospital, The American Red Cross, Boston Celtic's Shamrock Foundation, and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. In total, he empowers more than 500 runners cross the finish line each year. As the creator of all treadmill studio programming and running experiences under the Heartbreak umbrella, Dan scouts, trains, and develops current and future coaches and leaders. Dan was named “Best Running Coach” by Boston Magazine in 2016. As an athlete, Dan captained the Boston College Track and Field team, where he competed in the 800m. He ran his first Boston Marathon in a time of 2:46. 


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"As soon as David Schrager and I walked into Heartbreak Hill Running Company in the winter of 2014, we knew we had to be a part of this community (and more importantly friends with Dan). After our first speed workout on a frigid night in the common we were hooked. Fast forward 4.5 years, lifelong friendships and 22 minutes faster in the marathon, I couldn’t imagine a better running community."

– Cara, pre-Heartbreaker: 3:35 marathoner, as a Heartbreaker: 3:13 marathoner, registered dietician

 "I'm still very new, but I've already noticed how much I push myself during weekly workouts with the Heartbreakers. There's really something wonderful about this community."– Jordan, 20-something, medical professional

"The Heartbreakers came into my life during a time when I felt stuck and swallowed whole by the day to day dealings of new motherhood. This team gave me part of myself back. Training for my first marathon with this community gave me something to look forward to and the time I needed to take care of myself during the week at Hill Club and training runs. I've never made so many friends so quickly. You guys are the best and I'm forever grateful for you all."

– Emma, cheer zone boss

"Running with other like minded people is more fun and helps you get faster. I credit my 15 minute marathon PR to training with this team." – Eric, bearded, fast AF

"I think I've PR'd at every distance I've raced in the year since I became a Heartbreaker, I've made a bunch of excellent new friends, and I look a whole lot better when I'm out there because of all the sweet gear we have. But being a Heartbreaker has changed more than just my running for the better. Last week I was in the hospital with a malfunctioning heart. Not only did I identify the issue early because of advice I got from a teammate (thanks Molly) and have a second teammate offer to come hang out with me in the ED (thanks Gilpin) but right before they knocked me out so they could zap my heart back into rhythm - a procedure that's fairly routine but feels like anything but when you're the one lying there - I heard Dan's voice from the Boston Marathon training video saying "you will not be heartbroken, you are a heartbreaker" and that totally calmed my nerves. At the pace I run most of the team is usually in front of me but at that moment is was nice to have them behind me." – Chris, long run water stop champion, community cheerleader, road racer, law professional

"The Heartbreakers were what made Boston feel like home after first moving into the South End. Can’t imagine a more supportive group of people, I’m constantly inspired and motivated by this team. Not to mention PR’ing at every single distance within the past couple years!" – Erin, pre-Heartbreaker: 3:28, as a Heartbreaker: 2:59

"I took 30 minutes off my previous marathon time after I joined the Heartbreakers. I also made a lot of awesome friends!!"  Brittany, legal professional

"Running with the Heartbreakers makes the hard runs easier and the easy runs more fun. In my first year as a Heartbreaker, I ran my fastest 5k and my longest run ever - 17.5 miles. I stood at the Boston Marathon Starting Line with the Heartbreakers on a training run. And I got up at the crack of dawn to stand on Comm Ave with the Heartbreaker Cheer Squad to cheer on the Heartbreakers at the BAA 10k. That’s the thing with being a Heartbreaker - fast, slow, in-between, having the run of your life or on injured reserved, we support each other. Always." – Mary Beth, 60-something, friend to all, pre-Heartbreak: post-race leftovers in beer tent, as a Heartbreaker: choice of beer in beer tent. Every minute matters!