Heartbreaker Highlight - Kyle Shade

Introducing our next Heartbreaker Highlight, Kyle Shade! Kyle is tall and Kyle is excited (insta @tallandexcited for a reason!). Kyle is part of the engine that keeps our team running. You can count on him to attend races and practices, being there for his teammates is important to Kyle! We know this because Kyle went all the way to GERMANY to cheer on his fellow Heartbreakers for the Berlin Marathon. Kyle is a student of the sport, always asking questions, sharing and trading information. Kyle's original goal was to just finish the marathon, now he's knocking on the door of 3 hours and a BQ. Kyle is a great example of what the Heartbreakers are all about. Read on to learn more about Kyle! 

Hometown & Alma Maters (High School and College(s), if applicable): Frederick, Maryland.  Frederick High School, Elon University (undergraduate) and University of Kent (Graduate)


How old were you when you started running? 15 the first time in high school and 25 consistently.

Why did you start running? I started running for the first time my high schools track team.  I was trying to get faster for basketball. I trained for the 200 and 400.  Before I could run a race I collapsed my lung (for the first of three times) and was told by doctor to stop running. I did not run again consistently again until after volunteering at the 2012 Boston Marathon where I was enthralled by everyone finishing the race on such a hot day.

So much so that I mentally added completing a marathon to my “bucket list” and went home and laced up my running shoes for the first time in years.  I was able to get on a charity team for the 2013 Boston Marathon and was lucky enough to be able to finish prior to the bombing.  As a result of that day, running a marathon went from a bucket list item to a passion. 

How did you learn about the Heartbreakers and why did you join? When I ran Boston in 2013, Dan hosted my charity team in the South End Athletic Company to give us guidance on running the marathon.  Dan and SEAC provided an environment where we could hurt and heal together through running and friendship. I started coming consistently from May 2013, making gains in every distance from the mile to the marathon. I was ecstatic when Dan expanded that community and created the Heartbreakers.  It was no question that I would join, doing so the moment it launched.    


Favorite part about being a Heartbreaker? The community, hands down. Whether you are there to hammer out a hard workout, want to go on an easy long run or just want to jog to a brewery, there are always like minded friends (or soon to be friends) there to encourage and join you.  


Who's your favorite runner? Meb Keflezighi. His tenacity, longevity and huge heart make it hard not to love him! Plus when I was struggling at mile 24 of the 2014 marathon I found out that he had won, being the first American man in 30 years to take the tape and that powered me to the finish.  


Do you run with music? If so, what's your favorite song to run to? On my easy runs I usually listen to podcasts to keep the pace slower, but during practice I usually have a song stuck in my head and use it to push through. Currently it has been High Hopes by Panic at the Disco.


What's your favorite interval distance? (200s? 400s? 1000s? other): Mile repeats. Building strength over distance.  


What's one lesson about life you've learned through running? As simple as it sounds, you put in the work and you will achieve your goals.  In running there is no hiding or half assing the work, the results will show the work you put in. It's the same in life, you won't progress or get better unless you are committing to do whatever it is you are doing.  


What's your day job? (If you care to share): Subcustodian Network Relationship Manager for State Street


If you could run with anyone dead or alive who would it be? Emil Zatopek, I feel like he would have great stories to tell whether it be his last minute decision to enter the Olympic marathon days after winning the 5k and 10k or his life and training behind the iron curtain.


What's your favorite podcast? The Morning Shakeout by Mario Fraioli 


Your social media handles? (Instagram, Twitter, etc.): Instagram @tallandexcited Twitter @kshade27 


Your short-term (2019) and long-term running goal(s)? I am training to qualify for Boston (3:00) this year and want to run all six world majors as well as the Comrades (ultra)Marathon in South Africa in the future.