Heartbreaker Highlight - Lucas Larson

Meet Luc, our newest addition to the Heartbreak team as General Manager and Coach at Heartbreak Chicago! Luc is an easy going guy with big ideas and a fun loving personality. He's got a diverse background in marketing, coaching, retail, and some race directing too. Get ready for some fun events going down in Chicago from Heartbreak with Luc in the drivers seat!

How long have you lived in Chicago? What do you love about the city? It will be 14 years in August. Crazy that I've survived so many winters and polar vortex, but I just love this city. I'm a Chicago Kid. It's vibrant and diverse. You can be sheltered and challenged blocks apart. 

How did you start running and coaching? When I finally accepted in middle school that the only part of baseball I enjoyed (and was good at) was running bases, I decided to go out for track. After college, I accepted genetics and started running marathons. From there I started working with Nike, eventually helping organize Nike Run Club sessions. The transition to Coaching was natural. I love seeing people accept new challenges and succeed.


What drew you to Heartbreak and the Heartbreakers? It's the people - the community. From the Chief all the way down, it's a team. 


What do you hope to bring to the Heartbreakers in Chicago and beyond? 

That same camaraderie you get in Boston and a place that's open for anyone who needs a home.

Where's your favorite place to eat and grab a beer in Chicago? 

There's so many great breweries! Goose Island is the OG and still doing great things. Revolution, Half Acre and 3Floyds are all so good. 


What's your favorite Chicago Marathon memory? 

I've long been a fan of Rupp, so watching Galen run and win was special. Each year is so unique and special and carries memories of friends and family running. I just love how the city comes alive that weekend.


And finally, Cubs or White Sox?!

Cubbies all day!