Heartbreaker Highlight - Rosa Moriello

Introducing our next Heartbreaker Highlight, Rosa Moriello! Now we know what you're thinking, it's easy to highlight Rosa because she's fast. We'll give you that. Rosa is REALLY fast. She can run a 5k in under 16 minutes, she's represented team USA in international competition, and she's now won both the Yulefest 5k, and the Harpoon 5 Miler which makes Rosa Heartbreaker royalty. So Rosa is speedy but she's also a valuable member of our coaching staff here at Heartbreak. Rosa coaches a handful of our fastest Heartbreakers, and she's a regular at Coach’s Office Hours where she shares a Harpoon and some coaching advice with any member of the team who needs it. It’s these lethal combinations, speed and generosity, killer instinct and kindness, that make Rosa a leader both within the Heartbreakers and in the national running scene. We’re proud she’s a Heartbreaker and we’re proud to share this Highlight!

Hometown & Alma Maters (High School and College(s), if applicable): Naugatuck, CT

Naugatuck High School 2010, Boston University 2015


How old were you when you started running? Freshman year of high school cross country - fall 2006.


Why did you start running? My dad really wanted me to. He knew someone who ran on the high school team (my brother’s baseball teammate’s older brother). My dad asked this guy to convince me to join the cross country team. This guy took me out of my 4th period English class and told me I had to join. He was so cute so I obviously said sure. The rest is history!

How did you learn about the Heartbreakers and why did you join? My closest friends after graduation were on the team / my roommate at the time, DK - so it was the obvious choice!

I picked the Heartbreakers because it was different from every other team. Every other team was set up the same way. Very structured with a lot of rules. I wanted to be part of a team that worked hard for what they wanted but also knew how to have a lot of fun. I wanted to meet cool people to run and hang with but also people who knew the balance of life and running. And that’s exactly what this team provides.

Favorite part about being a Heartbreaker? Our two teammates put it best - 1.) the community 2.) it's just fucking cool. I don’t have a favorite part because everything about it is my favorite. The people, the culture, the events, the support - the list goes on and on.


Who's your favorite runner? DESI FOR THE WIN ALWAYS.


Do you run with music? If so, what's your favorite song to run to? Not usually. But if I do it’s either Spotify radio for Blink 182 or Spotify radio for Kygo.


What's your favorite interval distance? (200s? 400s? 1000s? other) Mile repeats! I love seeing the progress made here. I’ll never forget the day I started doing mile repeats at my high school mile PR - definitely felt pretty cool.


What's one lesson about life you've learned through running? Running has taught me so much - about myself, friendships, relationships, work ethic, time management, etc. But, there are two lessons always I’ve learned through running that I think people can apply to everything in their lives. 


One is that you learn as much from your successes as you do your failures. You’ve gotta find what that lesson is and apply it.


Two is that you need to take advantage of every opportunity you’re given - no matter how big or small. You never know if that opportunity will come again. Once an opportunity comes up - take it and give it all you’ve got.


What's your day job? (If you care to share) I’ve got a few! I do some personal coaching - men and women, 800 to marathon. I teach at an after school program at a private school in Beacon Hill - the Advent School. And I work part time at the Patagonia retail shop in Boston.


If you could run with anyone dead or alive who would it be? My favorite people to run with are my friends who I already run with! So I’d like to keep running with them!


What's your favorite podcast? I have 3 favorite - True Stories, Invisibilia, and How I Built This.


Your social media handles? (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) @rosamoriello


Your short-term (2019) and long-term running goal(s)? Short term goals: stay healthy, have fun, qualify for outdoor USAs, and team win at Harpoon...obviously.


Long term goals: continue to stay healthy, continue to always find the fun in this sport, qualify for the Olympic Trials, and continue to win the team title at Harpoon - most importantly.