JUSTIN KEEFE - Personal Coach

Justin is a professional triathlete with deep running roots. Through four years of competing in NCAA Division I cross country and track & field at the University of Richmond, Justin experienced his share of successes, but not without difficulty. With each poor race, disappointing training block, and injury, Justin gained valuable insight about successful training patterns and injury prevention. Justin pulls pieces from the many coaches he's worked with and studied over the years to create his own unique and powerful coaching philosophy. He believes that training hard pays off, but is no substitute for training smart.​ Expect a structured and logical training plan from Justin, a purpose for each session, and training targeted specifically toward achieving your goal on race day. Justin specializes in coaching runners for events from 800 meters to the marathon, and triathletes competing in any distance.

CONTACT JUSTIN: jkeefe@heartbreakhillrunningcompany.com